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Commissioners' Award Winners

Ben Bonanno Award                                                Denise Joanne Weisenborn Award

2017 - Shari Cooper        2017 - Bridget Lynn Vogt

2015 – Stephanie Ravak                                            2015  Jenny Ferguson

2014 – Christine Moranda                                          2014 – Pamela McCuistion

2013 – William Bauer, Ph.D.                                      2013 – Mary Ramirez-Cook

2008 – Alan Jones                                                     2007 – Ken Campbell

2007 – Janet Dougherty                                            2006 – Jeanne White

2006 – Mary Ann Thompson

2005 – William Hood

2004 – Marty Martinek                                                     

2002 – Leo “Eldon” Eldridge                                           

2001 – Susan Hogue                                                       

2000 – Doris Brennan                                                     

Commissioners' Award Applications

Denise Joanne Weisenborn Service Award
The Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) Commissioners established the Denise Joanne Weisenborn Service Award to honor non-employees of OOD who provide outstanding services to Ohioans with disabilities to make their participation in society more meaningful. This award has been established in memory of Denise Weisenborn, who served as a commissioner from 1997 to 2006.

Denise Weisenborn Award Nomination Form 

Ben Bonanno Disability Advocate Award
The Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) Commissioners established the Ben Bonanno Disability Advocate Award to honor outstanding advocacy accomplishments by non-employees of OOD. The Ben Bonanno Disability Advocate Award recognizes a person whose advocacy efforts have significantly improved the employment possibilities of Ohioans with disabilities in a manner that is consistent with OOD's mission.

Ben Bonanno Nomination Form