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Tips for Representatives of Applicants for Social Security Disability Benefits


  • Inform the applicant that he or she can list a support person as a “Third Party” on the disability application. This will allow Ohio OOD Division of Disability Determination (DDD) to share claim-specific information with the representative.
  • Encourage the applicant to be specific when listing diagnosis on the SSA application. Include stage, location of metastasis (to what part or organ the disease has spread) and if the disease has progressed or recurred.
  • Remind the applicant to bring any medical evidence to the Social Security Field Office where it can be scanned and submitted with the disability application. This includes existing pathology reports, clinical notes, in-patient summaries or other medical documents related to the disability.
  • Some claims for applicants who have extremely severe disabilities can be fast-tracked. Click this link to learn more – Expedited Claims.