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Empowering Ohioans with disabilities through employment, disability determinations, and independence.


Existing Partnerships

The Ohio OOD Division of Disability Determination (DDD) partners with agencies and groups that serve citizens with disabilities throughout Ohio. Together, they ensure that Ohioans who may qualify for SSA disability benefits are aware of the SSDI and SSI programs and can receive necessary assistance when applying.

Serving Citizens with Mental Health Disabilities

A statewide partnership between the Division of Disability Determination (DDD) and the Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH) provides opportunities so that Ohioans with mental disabilities may obtain assistance related to the disability application process. Through the partnership, DDD provides ODMH case workers with training on SSI program eligibility and the disability claim process.

Serving Citizens who are Homeless or “At Risk” of Homelessness

DDD collaborates with the Ohio Benefit Bank by providing training and outreach regarding the disability process. The expanding partnership allows the groups to obtain assistance for Ohioans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness due to their life situations.

For more information about these partnerships or to find out about partnering with DDD to enhance services for Ohioans with disabilities, contact a Professional Relations Officer (PRO) at 800-282-2695 extension 1499.