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Become a Medical or Mental Health Consultant

The Ohio Division of Disability Determination (DDD) recruits licensed physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and speech-language pathologists to serve as independent medical and mental health consultants:

Independent Consultative Examiners/Evaluators

These health care professionals perform one-time examinations/evaluations for disability benefits applicants. The dates and times may be tailored to the consultants’ schedules and payment for completed exams/evaluations will be timely. No treatment is permitted. DDD will provide training and guidance.

In-house Independent Consultants

In-house consultants receive training in the application of the Social Security Administration’s criteria as it relates to the disability program. They apply the guidelines to electronic and paper medical evidence on specific claims. Hours are flexible and office space and system access are provided. Compensation is based on an hourly rate.

Contact a Professional Relations Officer (PRO) about becoming a medical/mental health consultant for DDD. Call 800-282-2695 extension 1499.