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Empowering Ohioans with disabilities through employment, disability determinations, and independence.


Meeting Your Workforce Needs


We understand that you are in business to make a profit. A collaborative effort with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) can help your business increase productivity, morale, and your bottom line. Let’s Build a Partnership!

What We Do:

* Link Ohio’s largest pool of diverse workers to employers

* Create a culture for a diverse workforce through customizable disability awareness training

* Streamline onboarding by helping employers find qualified job seekers

* Increase worker retention by offering enhanced follow-up after placement

* Provide resources and information about ADA and tax incentives

Who We Are

We are the state agency responsible for provide individuals with disabilities opportunities to achieve quality employment, independence, and disability determination outcomes. Our vision is to be the most recognized and valued resource for individuals with disabilities.

Call the Hiring Ability Hotline at (866) 895-0058 to speak to an OOD representative and start a partnership with OOD.

A Fact Sheet called "Your Business is Our Priority" is available.