Worksite Accessibility Services

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Providing individuals with disabilities opportunities to achieve quality employment, independence and disability determination outcomes.

Worksite Accessibility Services


Your worksite is our priority! Make Your Worksite Accessible.

We understand hiring and retaining the right employees is key to a successful business. A collaborative effort with OOD can help identify possible accommodations and accessibility solutions to create a productive work environment for all your employees.

Worksite Accessibility Services include:

  • Worksite Accessibility Consultations, at no charge, either onsite or remotely over the phone
  • Review of job descriptions for identification of essential functions
  • Observation of job performance in high turnover or vacant positions
  • Accessibility resources to accommodate common functional impairments and disabilities

A fact sheet called "Your Worksite is Our Priority" is available.

Contact Julie Wood to learn more!


Julie Zeigler Wood, OTR/L

Worksite Accessibility Specialist