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Empowering Ohioans with disabilities through employment, disability determinations, and independence.


OOD Works Podcast

Graphic for OOD Works Podcast - features a brain, wheelchair, person using a long cane, and signing hands

Join Kim Jump, Chief of Communications for Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD), as she interviews unique individuals who discovered OOD Works! Find the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, or download MP3 files and/or transcripts on this page.


Kristen Ballinger head shot on the left and Jeremy Shapira head shot on the right

Episode 5: Jeremy Shapira, Inclusion and Diversity Strategy Manager for Giant Eagle, and Kristen Ballinger, Deputy Director of OOD’s Division of Employer and Innovation Services, discuss the partnership between OOD and Giant Eagle. Download MP3. Download transcript. Published 10-10-19.


Dr. jw Smith and Dr. Carolyn Peters pictured together - standing and smiling

Episode 4: Dr. Carolyn Peters, chair of the OOD Council,  and Dr. jw Smith, vice chair, discuss their personal journeys, talk about their involvement with OOD, and reflect on overcoming challenges. Download MP3. Download transcript. Published 9-26-19.


Paul Bogdan, Justin Deuel, and Kathy Crudele Pictured Standing Together Smiling

Episode 3: What happens when a focused job seeker is backed with incredible support? Listen as Paul Bogdan, a 22-year-old with a passion for photography, talks about his unique journey. He’s joined by Kathy Crudele, his aunt, and Justin Deuel, Employment Supervisor with Positive Community Connections. Download MP3. Download transcript. Published 9-12-19.


pictured are Wes Fisher and Brianne Riffle smiling at the Ohio Statehouse

Episode 2: Brianne Riffle and Wes Fisher, co-chairs of the 2019 Youth Leadership Forum, talk about their experience as former delegates, how participation shaped their identities, and why they choose to pay it forward. Download MP3. Download transcript. Published 8-22-19.


Director Miller wearing headphones with a microphone in front of him

Episode 1: OOD Director Kevin Miller breaks down Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s budget for OOD for fiscal years 2020-2021. He reveals new patterns of service for individuals with disabilities, and he shares what drives his passion for this work. Download MP3. Download transcript. Published 8-8-19.


picture of a microphone and pop filer

Trailer of OOD Works, the Podcast: Download MP3. Download transcript. Published 7-18-19.