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Empowering Ohioans with disabilities through employment, disability determinations, and independence.


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Photo lady works at a computer and uses assistive technology

OOD Works




Photo Three ladies smiling
Helping those with a mental health disorder with employment services



Photo Gov DeWine Budget
Budget Invests in Individuals with Disabilities



Photo Installed Wheelchair Charging Stations
Most Accessible Fair Ever



Photo Meet Katie
Katie Now an Assistant Baker



Photo My Name is James Dillon
OOD Works for Levy



BlindSquare uses GPS beacons around campus to help user navigate
BlindSquare Now Live at Franklin University



Deaf Literacy Program Anna Piloto says more confident in communication skills so she can seek better job
Deaf Literacy Partnership Graduation




Photo John Canady Video He is Standing by Vending Machines
John’s Experience in the Business Enterprise Program



Photo person stuck in the middle of a maze
What is vocational rehabilitation?


Photo Cleveland Healthcare Employer Panel Meet and Greet Individuals Seated
In-Demand Jobs Week 2019



Photo Renaissance Craver explains that employers know I may have a disability and are willing to work
OOD Job Fair at Wright State University



Photo Jeff Langstaff seated at desk explaining he lost vision at age 17
OOD Works for Jeff Langstaff


Photo Paul Brothers talking at Bobcat Way Cafe
OOD Works for Paul Brothers



Dana Mondon Sitting in an Office Chair
OOD helped Dana get back to work



Photo Service Dogs
Service Dog Awareness Week


Photo Director Kevin Miller talking at the Statehouse

Supporting the Invest Ohio Strategy and Recovery Ohio with Director Miller


Photo Four diverse individuals in workplaces OOD can help
How OOD Can Help Meet Your Workforce Needs


Photo Santino Kausky smiling and says it is good for people with disabilities to work hard
Ohioans with Disabilities Thrive at DSW



Photo Shelves full of shoe boxes
DSW Project Search Tour


Photo Man working at an office desk

Employer Resources and Incentives


Photo Two individuals getting off of an elevator

Effective Interaction with Individuals with Disabilities



Photo of a smiling woman
Promoting Employer Peer to Peer Networking Opportunities



Photo Dad Adult Son and Mom Sit on Couch
Workforce Success Stories


Photo 3 individuals tour AT of Ohio and explore various pieces of technology
OOD Works with Assistive Technology


Photo Director Kevin Miller talks while an interpreter signs
How to Obtain a CDL with Hearing Exemption



Photo Director Miller at his desk saying thanks for all you do
Director Miller Thanks Our Counselors



Photo Title Slide 2018 OOD Employer Partners of Inclusion
2018 Employer Partners of Inclusion Awards