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Empowering Ohioans with disabilities through employment, disability determinations, and independence.


Donations to OOD

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When applying for a Disability Placard through the Ohio Department of Public Safety/Bureau of Motor Vehicles, an individual has the opportunity to make a non-refundable donation to Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD). The Application for Disability Placards (Form BMV 4826) includes a box that can be checked and a line to write in the selected amount for a donation.

Approximately $5,800 a month is donated to OOD. For every $1 that is donated, the agency receives an additional $3.69 from the Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Grant that is allocated by the U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration. These funds are used to empower Ohioans with disabilities in achieving their employment goals.