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30. Employer and Innovation Services Policies


Policy Number Name Effective Date Review Date Type
30-BR-01 Business Relations-Job and Candidate Sourcing 04-15-2019 10-19-2020 Policy
30-BR-01-01 Business Relations - Job and Candidate Sourcing Procedure 04-15-2019 10-19-2020 Procedure
30-BR-01-01.A "We Can Help Your Business!" (Tri-fold)   10-19-2020 Form
30-BR-01-01.B Business Relations Training Evaluation Form 04-15-2019 10-19-2020 Form
30-BR-01-01.C BRS/TSC Monthly Check-in Form 04-15-2019 10-19-2020 Form
30-BR-01.01.D TSC/VRC Monthly Check-in Form 04-15-2019 10-19-2020 Form
30-BR-02 OJT Policy 11-19-2018 05-19-2020 Policy
30-BR-02-01 OJT Procedure 11-19-2018 05-19-2020 Procedure
30-BR-02-01.A OJT Employer Guide 11-19-2018 05-19-2020 Form
30-BR-02-01.B OJT Employer Information Form 11-19-2018 05-19-2020 Form
30-BR-02-01.C OJT Training Plan 11-19-2018 05-19-2020 Form
30-BR-02-01.D OJT Allowable Cost Calculator 11-19-2018 05-19-2020 Form
30-BR-02-01.E OJT Progress Report and Reimbursement Verification 11-19-2018 05-09-2020 Form


OOD policies are reviewed every 2 years and will be posted for public comment prior to becoming effective.  Posting for public comment will also be completed for any new policies prior to implementation.

Please include in the subject line of email, Policy number and Title when sending a comment in.
Comments are to be sent to

Individuals may also send comments, at any time, on any policy or procedure using the above email.