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60. Information Technology Policies


Policy Number Name Effective Date Review Date Type
60-ITG-01 IT Resources and State Telephones 06-01-2014 06-01-2015 Policy
60-ITG-01.A Inventory Tracking Sheet for IT Eqmt and State Telephones 06-01-2014 06-01-2015 Form
60-ITG-01-01 Issuance and Use of IT Resources 06-01-2014 06-01-2015 Procedure
60-ITG-01-02 Issuance and Use of State Telephones 06-01-2014 06-01-2015 Procedure
60-ITG-01-02.A Request for Mobile Equipment and Services 06-19-2014 06-19-2015 Form
60-ITG-01-02.B Sign Out-Sign In for Pool Cellular Phone 06-01-2014 06-01-2015 Form
60-ITG-01-02.C Log for Personal Calls or Texts 06-01-2014 06-01-2015 Form
60-ITG-03 IT Infrastructure Security-Access and Monitoring 08-10-2015 08-10-2016 Policy
60-ITG-04 Information Technology Help Desk 06-03-19 12-07-2020 Policy

OOD policies are reviewed every 2 years and will be posted for public comment prior to becoming effective.  Posting for public comment will also be completed for any new policies prior to implementation.

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