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85. Independent Living Policies


Policy Number Name Effective Date Review Date Type
85-ILOB-01 ILOB Referral-Application-Intake and Eligibility Determination Policy 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Policy
85-ILOB-01.A ILOB Program Overview and Rights and Duties.doc 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Form
85-ILOB-01.B ILOB Referral Form 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Form
85-ILOB-01.C ILOB Request to Contact 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Form
85-ILOB-01.D ILOB Intake Appt. Letter 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Form
85-ILOB-01.E ILOB Intake Interview 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Form
85-ILOB-01.F ILOB Health Assessment Ques. 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Form
85-ILOB-01.G ILOB Documentation of Visual Impairment 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Form
85-ILOB-01.H ILOB Eligibility Determination Letter 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Form
85-ILOB-01-01 ILOB Referral App and Intake Procedure 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Procedure
85-ILOB-01-02 ILOB Eligibility Determination Procedure 11-05-2018 05-05-2020 Procedure
85-ILOB-03 ILOB Independent Living Plan 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Policy
85-ILOB-04 ILOB Provision of Services and Equipment 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Policy
85-ILOB-05 ILOB Case Closure 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Policy
85-ILOB-05-01 ILOB Case Closure Procedure 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Procedure
85-ILOB-05-01.A ILOB Case Closure Letter - Goal Met 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Form
85-ILOB-05-01.B ILOB Case Closure Guidance 10-01-2017 04-01-2019 Form

OOD policies are reviewed every 2 years and will be posted for public comment prior to becoming effective.  Posting for public comment will also be completed for any new policies prior to implementation.

Please include in the subject line of email, Policy number and Title when sending a comment in.
Comments are to be sent to

Individuals may also send comments, at any time, on any policy or procedure using the above email.