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Who is Eligible for the PCA Program?

The PCA Program is an employment program. All individuals must be competitively employed, actively looking for work, or be in an approved training program that will lead to work. Additionally, to qualify for the PCA Program, an individual must:

  •  Have a severe physical disability;
  •  Be 18 years of age or older;
  •  Be an Ohio resident and obtain services in Ohio;
  •  Need no fewer than 8 consecutive weeks of PCA and no more than 455 hours per quarter;
  •  Have adjusted income not exceeding 600% of the poverty level (FFY 2016 Sliding Scale for FNS);
  •  Be capable of instructing and supervising an attendant/aide;
  •  Be living independently, or, through the PCA Program, be capable of living independently; and
  •  Agree to reapply for the PCA Program annually.


Individuals do not need to be involved in the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program in order to be eligible for the PCA Program.