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Special Project for Ohio’s Teenagers

The CCDs are partnering with 20 high schools across Ohio to provide mentoring to 75 deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind high school students. This mentoring is free to the student and the school.

Mentors have received specialized training from pepnet2 (PN2) (link) to assist Ohio youth to prepare for life after high school. Using the MapIt tool (link) developed by PN2, these 75 youth will be able to answer the following questions:  Who am I?  What do I Want?  How do I Get There?

While students have already been selected for this program, the MapIt tool is free and available to any person who is interested in developing a better career plan. The tool was developed using Federal funds (Cooperative Agreement #H326D110003) and is fully accessible with sign language and captioning.

MapIt helps educators meet Indicator 13 requirements. Please see the PN2 website for more information.

Contact Katie Scheetz, Program Specialist at OOD, for more information about this exciting project.; 513-314-7650 voice; 513-815-7383 VP