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Empowering Ohioans with disabilities through employment, disability determinations, and independence.


Executive Summary

Data Collection Strategies

Projections of the number of individuals with disabilities in need of VR services by category of disability and county of residence in Ohio were developed by the CSNA team. Similarly, service data from OOD’s VR case management system and employment statistics were utilized to develop estimates of the number of individuals likely to need VR services by disability category and by county. This provided a basis for developing estimates of the number of individuals actively participating in the labor force that need services to assist them in finding a job and who could benefit from OOD VR services. Information was used from other key agencies that serve individuals with disabilities through the analysis of a variety of reports, documents and service data.

OOD also partnered with Mathematica Policy Research to conduct a follow-up report to the 2014 Survey on Disability Employment (SDE) to explore which factors are a barrier or facilitator to successful engagement in VR. This was accomplished using survey data and state wage records along with VR administrative data. Lastly, survey data from members of Disability: IN Ohio (formerly the Ohio Business Leadership Network) was used to identify service needs of employer partners.

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