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Empowering Ohioans with disabilities through employment, disability determinations, and independence.


Section I. Introduction

Content of the Needs Assessment Report

The remainder of this report is divided into several sections corresponding to data collection strategies and other phases of the needs assessment project. Section II summarizes background information (secondary data) and other contextual factors. Information summarizing VR services provided by OOD and annual funding for OOD are summarized in this section. This information is viewed as a critical foundation for the needs assessment data summarized in this report. Section III provides a progress report on OOD’s efforts to address recommendations made in the 2015 CSNA. Section IV reviews race, ethnicity, age, and disabilities in Ohio. Sections V and VI provide information related to the amount of service provided in Ohio counties. Section VII provides information about OOD’s services to students with disabilities, including pre-employment transition services. Section VIII provides information about industry growth and employer engagement, including the alignment of OOD participant goals with projected growth sectors. Section IX provides survey results from the Disability:IN Ohio membership as well as a summary of a collaboration with Mathematica Policy Research to explore which factors are a barrier or facilitator to successful engagement in VR using survey data and state wage records along with VR administrative data. Section X presents formal recommendations. Section XI includes a Bibliography and Section XII provides a list of the tables, charts, and maps contained in the CSNA.

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