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Empowering Ohioans with disabilities through employment, disability determinations, and independence.


Section I. Introduction

Needs Assessment Questions

The 2018 CSNA reflects OOD’s focus on those priorities established by WIOA, including services to business and an enhanced focus on services to students with disabilities. It addresses the following questions:

  1. What is the projected number of individuals that will experience each category of disability in Ohio?
  2. How many individuals with disabilities are projected to be seeking employment, who currently are not working?
  3. How do prevalence estimates differ for individuals by race/ethnicity and age groups?
  4. How many individuals with disabilities received services from OOD?
  5. How have the Employment First Partnership and the Ohio Transition Support Partnership impacted service delivery to those target populations?
  6. What are the gaps in serving disability populations and how should gaps be prioritized?

  7. Questions specific to youth and students with disabilities:

  8. What are the job goals for Summer Youth Work Experience (SYWE) participants and what kinds of work experiences have been provided?
  9. How are SYWE programs distributed geographically and how does that compare with the location of students with SYWE or Summer Youth Career Exploration on their VR plan?
  10. What services for students with disabilities are most likely to lead to improved employment outcomes?
  11. Is the number of students served by OOD proportionate to the number of students with IEPs in Ohio based on ODE data?
  12. What percentage of students with disabilities in Ohio are enrolled in SSI and how many are removed each year due to age-18 redetermination? How can OOD ensure that students with disabilities are aware of this information and how can we engage them in VR services to better prepare them for employment and independence?

  13. Questions specific to employer engagement activities:

  14. What industry sectors exhibit the most growth potential in Ohio?
  15. What are the gaps in alignment of VR participant job goals with growth industries?
  16. What services are most needed by businesses in relation to staff education and awareness of disability issues, and to support retention of employees with disabilities?

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