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Section VI. Balance Ratios: Comparison of Needs To Service Provision


Analysis of county-level balance ratios results in three findings as follows:

  1. Counties with the largest negative and positive differences, as indicated by balance ratios, are summarized in Table 25 below

  2. Table 25 - Counties with the Largets Negative and Positive Balance Ratio Differences
    Impairment Highest Service Rate: Need Ratios Lowest Service Rate: Need Ratios
    Cognitive Lawrence, Huron, Scioto, and Sandusky Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake, and Holmes
    Communicative Brown, Noble, Logan, and Highland Holmes, Tuscarawas, Muskingum, and Paulding
    Hearing Huron, Richland, Crawford, and Morgan Highland, Harrison, Paulding, and Mercer
    Physical Lawrence, Huron, Auglaize, and Champaign Geauga, Holmes, Morgan, and Monroe
    Psychosocial Erie, Lawrence, Scioto, and Ottawa Monroe, Holmes, Carroll, and Warren
    Visual Brown, Allen, Madison, and Huron Coshocton, Logan, Fulton, and Adams

  3. The distribution of balance ratios by impairment category, as summarized in Table 26 below, suggests that OOD has continued to serve individuals with cognitive and psychosocial impairments at a high rate. However, this occurs in conjunction with significant negative balance ratios for the other four impairment categories, most notably communicative impairments. This reflects OOD’s concentration in recent years in providing services to individuals with cognitive and psychosocial impairments through the Employment First partnership interagency agreement with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and engagement with county behavioral health authorities. Each of these populations has an organized representative presence through established county boards across Ohio.

  4. Table 26 - Number of Counties by Impairment and OOD Service Balance Ratio Difference Range
    Range Cognitive Communicative Hearing Physical Psychosocial Visual
    Less than -5.0% 0 81 39 67 9 40
    -5.0% to -0.1% 2 5 40 15 11 45
    0.0% to 5.0% 6 2 9 3 19 3
    Greater than 5.0% 80 0 0 3 49 0

  5. The link below will open Table 27, providing the balance ratio for each category of impairment in each Ohio county.


    Table 27 - County Balance Ratio Differences by Impairment

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