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Section VIII. Industry Growth and Employer Engagement

WIOA now requires VR programs to expand the scope of their efforts to include services targeted toward increasing employer engagement with the disability population. OOD has addressed these requirements through a number of initiatives, including the establishment of the Business Relations Unit.

With the goal of creating opportunities for employment in competitive integrated settings and fostering long-term success for individuals with disabilities, Business Relations Specialists (BRSs) attempt to identify businesses who are likely to have job openings either in the form of replacing existing employees as they leave or in the form of additional job growth as the business expands. To the extent that these activities can be anticipated, BRSs can target their efforts toward employers who are likely to generate sustainable employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The CSNA seeks to inform this effort by addressing the following questions:

  1. What industry sectors exhibit the most growth potential in Ohio?

  2. What are the gaps in alignment of VR participant job goals with growth industries?

  3. What services are most needed by businesses in relation to staff education and awareness of disability issues, and to support retention of employees with disabilities?

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