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Vocational Guidance and Counseling

The next step in the process will be to identify your vocational goal and the BSVI services needed to reach this goal. Once you have been assigned to a BSVI Counselor or BSVI Coordinator, you will work together to agree on an employment goal that fits your needs.

You may participate in assessments or experiences to help you decide if the employment goal is right for you. The BSVI Counselor or BSVI Coordinator may also supply information about different employment opportunities and careers.  This process will result in the yourIndividualized Plan for Employment (IPE). 

 The following items will be taken into consideration as your IPE is developed.


  • Does the employment goal match your personal strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, interests and informed choice. This is based on a comprehensive assessment that may use existing information.
  • Are the BSVI services necessary to achieve the employment outcome.
  • Will the BSVI services result in employment.
  • Are the BSVI services cost effective. Note: VR and BSVI may not pay for an expensive program if a lower cost option that meets your needs is available.
  • Can you help pay for any of the BSVI services.

When you are ready for employment, the counselor and other BSVI staff will help you prepare for a job search. If you are currently employed and need assistance to retain that job, BSVI can help with job retention.

OOD will follow-up on the job to ensure that you are successfully working and that both you and the employer are satisfied. If satisfied, your case will be closed. Further OOD services can be provided at a later date, if needed.

There is an appeal process if you disagree with a decision.