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Empowering Ohioans with disabilities through employment, disability determinations, and independence.


A Plan of Your Choosing

When you are determined eligible for services, an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) is created with your counselor. The IPE is an agreement between you and OOD describing services which will be provided according to your choices. You may be responsible for some costs of your vocational rehabilitation plan, especially pertaining to college tuition.

When you are ready for employment, the counselor and other OOD staff will help you prepare for the job search. Your counselor can offer information on accessing public transportation (if available in your community) or arranging for private transportation. You counselor can help you with job site modifications for accessibility and efficiency.

OOD can provide assistance to help you keep your job if you are having trouble working because of your disability. The counselor can work with you and your employer to determine the services necessary.

What kind of vocational guidance and counseling does OOD provide?