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Kim Jump
December 11, 2019 | About Us

Kim Jump photo

Kim Jump, Chief of Communications, has 11 years of experience in public affairs, communications, engagement, and public relations. She is responsible for managing the agency’s internal and external communications to a wide range of stakeholders, including participants, employees, media, community partners, and the public. 

Prior to joining OOD in 2019, Kim was the Deputy Director of Community Engagement and Reentry for the Ohio Department of Youth Services. In this role, she led communications, engagement, and the reentry planning process for more than 400 youth released annually. Along with a team, Kim administered new partnerships to connect youth to vocational support and employment opportunities, prior to release, to help youth stay crime-free. 

Kim has presented nationally for juvenile justice and child welfare communication professionals. She holds a Master of Business Administration, with a focus on nonprofit administration, from Franklin University.