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Ohio Vocational Apprentice Program

The Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) Vocational Apprentice Program supports Governor Mike DeWine’s Executive Order 2019-03D, which established Ohio as a Disability Inclusion State and a Model Employer of Individuals with Disabilities. Through this program, students and adults with disabilities who are eligible for OOD services gain valuable work experience, exposure, and access to state government employment through paid apprenticeships with state agencies. The goal of this program is for apprentices to secure permanent employment in state government upon completion of the apprenticeship.

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OOD partners with State of Ohio agencies to identify their workforce needs and develops apprenticeship opportunities that align with the job and educational goals of OOD-eligible participants. OOD assists participants to apply and interview for the apprenticeship and complete the onboarding process. OOD will also provide any needed on-the-job supports and can be a resource for worksite accessibility consultations and reasonable accommodations.

OOD funds all wages for the apprenticeship, up to $15 per hour, 25 hours per week for a maximum of 1,000 hours.

process outline: from creation of the apprenticeship to finding participants to application to work with OOD funding to permanent jobs

A fact sheet on the Vocational Apprenticeship Program is also available.


For more information, contact OOD Business Relations Manager Jon Hackathorn at jon.hackathorn@ood.ohio.gov or 614-438-1259