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Return to the Workplace and COVID-19 Accommodations

Image of a woman wearing headphones looking at a laptop with the title Return to the Workplace and COVID-19 Accommodations

Learn about best practices for providing reasonable accommodations (RA) in the workplace unique to COVID-19. Questions and answers were facilitated throughout the presentation when it was recorded. Specific topics discussed include:
• Pandemic guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
• RAs associated with the long-term effects of COVID-19. 
• Criteria to assess direct threat at work related to COVID-19.

The training was hosted by OOD's Worksite Accessibility Specialist, Julie Wood, OTR/L, ADAC and Career Development Specialist, Dustin Schwab. A fact sheet and learner's guide are available for download from this page to accompany the training.

A recording of this training can be found here.