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Accessibility Hour with OOD

Image of Accessibility Hour With OOD, picture of Julie Wood and Dennis Deyoung with a clock in the center

This training answers employers’ frequently asked questions about navigating Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the accessibility guidelines for the physical and digital environments, and general ideas for reasonable accommodations in the workplace.  Specific topics include:
•    Service animals as a form of reasonable accommodation and considerations to make this successful.
•    Tips for using a sign language interpreter in the workplace. 
•    Common strategies for making the remote environment accessible for employees who are teleworking.
•    What reasonable accommodations are helpful when returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.
•    Best practices for navigating Title I of the ADA, such as discussing low performance with an employee with a disability and when to consider reassignment as a reasonable accommodation.

The training was hosted by OOD’s Worksite Accessibility Specialist, Julie Wood, OTR/L, and Business Relations Specialist, Dennis DeYoung.

Resources titled "Deaf and Hard of Hearing Employees Fact Sheet" and "Service Animals Fact Sheet", as well as a Learner's Guide, can be downloaded from this page.

A recording of this training can be found here

Contact Julie Wood or an OOD Business Relations Specialist to learn more!