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On-Demand Webinars

Image of a hand pointing to a tablet with multiple colors and shapes in the background with the title On Demand Webinars

As a complement to our on-demand webinars, we invite employers to reach out to their Business Relations Specialist to schedule a virtual question and answer (Q&A) session customized around your specific questions. With this option, employers enjoy the flexibility of having staff view the webinar in advance and then attend the live Q&A to learn how to apply the content in a useful and effective way for your unique workplace.


Image of a city skyline with the title Inclusive Employer Handbook  

The Inclusive Employer Handbook

This five-part webinar series is designed to help employers create and sustain a disability-inclusive workplace.

Recorded January 20, 2022 - May 19, 2022

Image with a yellow background and several packages in bubbles with the title The Gift of Talent  

The Gift of Talent

Learn about best practices for cultivating and promoting the talents and skills of employees with disabilities, as well as how to apply the skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities of employees with disabilities in the workplace.

Recorded December 15, 2021

Image of four blurbs of people performing various work tasks with the title Essential Functions in the Workplace  

Essential Functions in the Workplace

Learn about best practices for identifying a job’s essential functions, writing statements in an inclusive way, and applying them to the hiring process and employment. 

Recorded November 18, 2021

Image of a woman and a man staring at an activity board with the title Hiring College Graduates and Students with Disabilities  

Hiring College Graduates and Students with Disabilities

Learn about the benefits of partnering with Ohio College2Career Development Specialists for candidate recruitment and disability etiquette resources.

Recorded October 20, 2021

Image of a woman looking at a laptop with the title Digital Accessibility and Accommodations  

Digital Accessibility and Accommodations 

Learn about best practices ensuring access to the digital environment for applicants and employees with disabilities.

Recorded September 22, 2021

Image of a woman wearing headphones looking at a laptop with the title Return to the Workplace and COVID-19 Accommodations  

Return to the Workplace and COVID-19 Accommodations

Learn about best practices for providing reasonable accommodations (RA) in the workplace unique to COVID-19.

Recorded August 11, 2021


Image of a woman and a man in a wheelchair sitting at a table with a computer in front of them  

Supervisors and Title I of the ADA

Learn about best practices for the supervisor’s role in navigating the hiring process and supervising employees under Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Recorded July 14, 2021 


Image of a hand pointing to a book with the title Employers ADA Handbook  

The Employers’ ADA Handbook

A five-part training series to help employers navigate Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Recorded January 13, 2021 - May 26, 2021



Top 10 Accessibility Resolutions

Learn how to develop a comprehensive approach for creating an accessible workplace through discussion of 10 accessibility components. 

Recorded December 16, 2020  


Job Developers and Job Coaches in the Workplace

Learn how job developers and job coaches assist job seekers and employees with disabilities in finding and retaining competitive employment.

Recorded November 19, 2020


Accessibility Hour with OOD

This training answers employers’ frequently asked questions about navigating Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the accessibility guidelines for the physical and digital environments, and general ideas for reasonable accommodations in the workplace.

Recorded October 21, 2020 


Navigating the Reasonable Accommodation Process

Learn what components are beneficial to include in the reasonable accommodation process in the workplace.

Recorded September 17, 2020


Inclusive Hiring: Applicants with Disabilities

Learn best practices to foster a hiring process that is accessible and inclusive for candidates with disabilities.

Recorded August 20, 2020


Image of a line of various people of different races, one in a wheelchair, with the Title Disability Etiquette  

Disability Etiquette Training

Learn about disability etiquette and proper language usage, practical examples for how to have respectful interactions with people with disabilities, and hear first-hand accounts from people with disabilities.  

Live Version Recorded July 16, 2020
Thirty-Minute Version Recorded June 2022 


Mental Health Disabilities in the Workplace

Learn best practices and techniques to enable job performance for employees with mental health disabilities.

Recorded May 14, 2020