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The person can apply for vocational rehabilitation services by visiting OODWorks.com. OOD’s Worksite Accessibility Specialist can also assist you, as the employer, with your worksite accessibility questions and needs.

People receiving OOD services can have any type of disability (e.g. physical, mental, or emotional) which limits their ability to obtain or retain employment. OOD’s services can reduce the impact that a disability has on a person’s employment.

People are referred to OOD by a variety of sources, such as doctors, friends, relatives, rehabilitation facilities, the Social Security Administration and employers. OOD also welcomes self-referrals.

Neither insurance rates nor workers’ compensation rates rise when you hire an employee who has a disability. However, some specific disabilities may fall under a pre-existing condition clause and might not be covered by some insurers.

Absentee rates for employees with disabilities are lower than for other employees. Approximately 80% of the people served by OOD are still on the job after one year.

Most employees with a disability need few or no accommodations. The majority of accommodations cost less than $50 and only 10% of all accommodations cost more than $500. OOD may be able to help with some of those costs, as well as provide technical assistance.

People with disabilities can perform almost any type of job – from unskilled labor to technical and professional jobs. OOD can provide assessments, career counseling and job training for a full range of occupations. OOD also counsels people to choose careers in which their disability will not restrict job performance and success.

You establish the employee’s wages based on the same wage scale you use for any employee who is performing the same job.