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What to Expect

Counselor shaking hands with man in wheelchair

What to expect during the application process

During the application process, you will work with OOD staff, such as a Caseload Assistant and/or a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, to obtain proof of your disability and to discuss how your disability may affect your ability to successfully obtain, regain, or maintain employment.

What you should bring

You are welcome to bring anyone with you to appointments.  If you have family, friends, provider staff, case managers, or others you would like to bring with you to discuss your unique situation that is always helpful.

  • School records or reports
  • Medical records
  • Names, addresses, phone numbers of your doctors and others you have seen for treatment
  • Psychological records
  • Hearing records
  • Vision exam reports
  • Any other relevant reports
  • State Driver’s License or ID
  • Social Security card
  • Social Security Award Letter (SSI and/or SSDI)

We understand if you do not have any records or reports to bring with you. However, you will need to bring the names and contact information of any providers (such as doctors or counselors) who we may need to contact to request records or information.

What you can fill out

After gathering any records and provider contact information you have, you can keep the process moving by using the Additional Downloads links (see top right) to complete forms ahead of time.

When you'll hear back

Our agency strives to complete an eligibility decision for our applicants within 30 days of meeting with our staff. Your cooperation in helping us obtain needed records, providing us with up-to-date contact information, and attending scheduled appointments will help us make a timely decision on your case.