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Basic Services

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Personal & Work Adjustment Training

Personal and work adjustment training may be purchased by OOD to help you reach your occupational objective by:

  • Acquiring personal habits, attitudes, and skills (including social skills) needed to function effectively on the job;
  • Increasing your work tolerance;
  • Developing work habits and orientation to the work world; or
  • Learning techniques that can compensate for the loss of a bodily or sensory function such as mobility or sight.

Vocational Training

Vocational training may be purchased or secured by OOD when needed and available. Training might include vocational school, college, technical or business school, or on-the-job or supported employment training in an industrial or commercial firm.

If supplies such as textbooks or tools are required for vocational training, or licenses and equipment are necessary to begin an occupation, OOD can help with those items.

Physical & Mental Restoration

Physical and mental restoration may be necessary to correct or substantially modify an impairment so that you can attain employment. (Restoration cannot be provided for other reasons however desirable or beneficial. Written policies and regulations prohibit OOD from conducting a medical care program.)

OOD restoration services may include:

  • Treatment, including hospitalization and surgery;
  • Artificial limbs or braces;
  • Eyeglasses or hearing aids; or
  • Other services such as occupational and physical therapy.

Placement Assistance

Placement in an employment setting suitable to your skills and capacities is the ultimate goal following training. OOD can provide placement assistance to you including resume development and practice interviews to get you ready for the job search.

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