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Communication Disability Law

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Any individual with a medically diagnosed communication disability, who drives or regularly has someone with a communication disability in their vehicle, can voluntarily enroll in a database that connects to the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS). The law enforcement officer can then be made aware that the driver or a person in the vehicle may have difficulty communicating and can approach the vehicle with awareness to reduce any potential misunderstandings or problems.

Individuals who are interested in self-identifying can complete a Verification Form and take the completed Verification Form  to their licensed medical practitioner who can validate the individual has a communication disability. 

Verification Forms can be mailed to:

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Attention: Remittance/DPU
P.O. Box 16521
Columbus, Ohio 43216-6521

Completed applications can also be e-mailed to VIS-Administration@dps.ohio.gov or hand delivered to any Deputy Registrar (BMV).

For more information, visit Frequently Asked Questions or call 614-438-1203 or 1-800-282-4536, extension 1203. 

Watch an Informational Video

To learn more, watch a six-minute informational video.

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