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New Provider Forms Now Available!

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Hello Vocational Rehabilitation Providers:

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) has created updated provider forms (service reports) to align with the new services and rates corresponding with the VR Fee Schedule Update effective October 1.  These forms are now available on the Provider Forms page.

Of note:

  • These forms will be required for services beginning October 1 and moving forward    
  • These updates build on the most recent updates, resulting in forms that look and function similarly as before
  • There is one form for the new Bridge Support Services (you may bill for multiple BSS services on the same form)
  • The Critical Need Rate is built into forms for services which may qualify for this incentive
  • The Pre-ETS Coordination service is on the Pre-ETS form
  • The shift differential for federal holidays will automatically calculate when applicable
  • There is a new form for Self-Employment flat fee services
  • Form 2 (SIRF) and Form 11 (CIE Tool) remain the same
  • The Summer Youth Work Experience form will be available in the spring

Most forms in an Excel format have an instructions tab and a sample report.  Hovering over most fields gives a prompt for what is required in each field.

It is important for providers to request any new services they would like to provide, such as the Bridge Support Services, in the Provider Management Program (PMP).  Providers who were not previously eligible to offer an Intake and are now, must go into the PMP and request that service.  Providers will not need to request Pre-ETS Coordination as an additional service. 

As a reminder, with the VR Fee Schedule update, OOD will continue to offer multiple layers of support for VR Providers, including:

  1. Consulting the Provider Manual; if questions remain, then
  2. Consult with OOD Provider Liaison; if questions still remain, then
  3. The OOD Provider Liaison will forward questions to PCMU, via email at pcmu@ood.ohio.gov and copy the provider.
  4. Providers should initially consult with the VR Staff or VR Contractor for any authorization or case questions.
  5. Providers should initially consult with an OOD Accountant Examiner 2 (AE2) for any billing questions.
  6. Providers may consult with OOD Provider Liaisons if questions cannot be resolved after initial consultation with VR Staff or VR Contractor or the AE2.

Thank you.