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Provider Forms Update and Form Pilot

Hello Vocational Rehabilitation Providers:

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) has continued to review feedback and explore additional efficiencies with our provider forms (service reports).  One area for which we have offered additional options is “Form 5 - Job Placement and Tier III.”  While many providers enjoyed the simplicity and efficiencies of the PDF format, some providers have requested an Excel version of the form to better align with their workflow.  Therefore, OOD now has an Excel version available for providers to utilize as an option in addition to the current PDF format.

Also, as OOD moves to the ongoing modality of remote services with the VR Fee Schedule update targeted for an October 1 implementation date, we are exploring ways to build remote agreement into the forms themselves.  Therefore, we are now piloting a new version of Form 6 that allows for providers to notate participant agreement to their Job Development Plan by selecting how they agreed to the plan, including the following options: in-person meeting, via email, via a remote internet meeting, on the telephone, or via a text message.  This drop-down menu can be utilized instead of obtaining a participant signature for this form and instead of writing into a blank line how the participant agreement was obtained. 

If the participant agreement was obtained via email or text, please include a copy of that with the form when submitting billing.  Of note, this participant agreement should not occur before the Kick-off Meeting.  It is important that the final participant agreement occurs either on the same date as or after the Kick-off Meeting to ensure the participant agrees to the final version of the plan discussed in that meeting with the VR Staff.

This pilot form can be used instead of the current “Form 6 - Tier I and JD Plan.”  Providers may continue to use the current version of Form 6 if they prefer.  By piloting this new way of capturing participant agreement and simplifying report requirements, OOD hopes to gather information on its use ahead of the larger forms update to coincide with the VR Fee Schedule update (which would include updated rates and new services).  OOD aims to ensure all required information and controls are in place for provider forms and to explore opportunities to enhance efficiencies and align with technology and the adoption of remote services.

Please find the two new versions of these forms attached for your convenience.  They have also been uploaded to the Provider Forms page.  Thank you.