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Privacy Notice

We recognize the importance of privacy to our web site visitors. This privacy notice applies to ood.ohio.gov, a web site maintained by Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD).

Visitors to ood.ohio.gov should be aware of the following information:

What We Collect

Our web site uses web cookies and/or server log files to capture generic, internet-user information each time a request is made to view a page within this web site. This information may include:

  • Internet protocol address of the individual computer (or proxy server) making the request;
  • Type of internet browser or computer operating system you are using;
  • Date and time you accessed this site;
  • Webpages visited on this site; and
  • Internet address of the site from which you may have linked to this site.

How We Collect Information

Personally identifiable information is collected through voluntary disclosure by you through online forms and e-mail questions.

What We Do With the Information We Collect

Personally identifiable information you submit in e-mail or online forms is used so that we can answer or process your request as effectively as possible.

All information collected through server log files is used in aggregate form to analyze usage trends and statistics to help us improve our web site. It may also be used to identify and respond to threats to the State network.

Cookies may be used when necessary to complete a transaction, to process data submitted to us online, or to facilitate ongoing Internet interaction.

Public Records and When We Share Your Information

Ohio public records law requires state agencies to disclose public documents and records, including electronic records. Therefore, information submitted through this web site may be subject to disclosure pursuant to a public records request. Please be aware that for public records, Ohio law requires us to disclose the records despite requests to keep information confidential. Read the Public Record Request Policy.

Any information collected through this web site that indicates a threat of harm to people, property or systems or a violation of a law may be shared with law enforcement and used in connection with a criminal investigation, prosecution or other legal proceedings.

Access and Dispute of Information

Under sections 1347.08 and 1347.09 of the Ohio Revised Code, individuals have access rights to their information maintained in personal information systems. "Access rights" means you have the right, with limits, to inspect, correct, and dispute such information.

For record-keeping systems not covered by chapter 1347 of the Revised Code, we will work with you to give you the opportunity to inspect, correct or dispute information, if any, about yourself in other records system we maintain, subject to restrictions or limits in Ohio law.

How We Protect Your Information: Confidential Personal Information and the DAS Policy on Protecting Privacy

OOD requires all of its employees and contractors to respect privacy and protect personally identifiable information regardless of the form and system in which it's kept.  Access OOD’s policy on Confidential Personal Information.

Ohio Revised Code 1347.15 requires DAS to adopt rules regulating access to the confidential personal information the agency keeps, whether electronically or on paper. OOD’s rule pertaining to confidential personal information may be found in 3304-1-15 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

Ohio Revised Code 3304.21 requires OOD’s employees and contractors to keep confidential names and information pertaining to persons applying for or receiving services from OOD.

The OOD maintains a limited number of confidential personal information systems.


Any further questions concerning the privacy policy for Ohio.gov or written correspondence may be sent to Shirely Marchi, Community Relations Liason, by way of e-mail at Shirley.Marchi@ood.ohio.gov or phone 614-438-1477; toll free at 800-282-4536, ext. 1477.

We recognize the importance of privacy to our web site visitors. This privacy notice applies to ood.ohio.gov, a web site maintained by Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD).