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Building the Business Case

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Building the Business Case

Studies  show that having a more inclusive workforce boosts morale, productivity, and profitability.

People with disabilities have proven to be dedicated, conscientious and highly productive workers when given the opportunity. Their performance, attendance and retention are often above average in industry surveys.

Too often, the greatest barriers to hiring workers with disabilities are myths, fears, and misunderstandings.

Many employers are unaware of the benefits of hiring workers with disabilities or of the many services and incentives available to help them recruit, hire and retain this valuable workforce.  OOD offers several services to Ohio businesses at no cost to help with these efforts. 

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OOD’s Business Relations Specialists can Customize a No-Cost Training Program for Your Business that will help support your company’s desire to create a culture that is inclusive of people with disabilities. 
OOD’s Worksite Accessibility Specialist can help you identify possible accommodations and accessibility solutions to create a productive work environment for all your employees.



Icon of a screen with an image of a book OOD’s Inclusive Hiring: Applicants with Disabilities Webinar shares practical advice for creating a hiring process that is accessible and inclusive of candidates with disabilities.  
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