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Inclusive Workplace

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Inclusive Workplace

There are an estimated 1.6 million Ohioans who have a disability. People with disabilities can be our family members and friends, but also our employees and job applicants. When our workplaces are inclusive of people from diverse backgrounds, including people with disabilities, everyone is valued for their contributions. OOD can help support your business to be inclusive of people with disabilities at no cost.

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OOD’s Business Relations Specialists can Customize a No-Cost Training Program for Your Business that will help support your company’s desire to create a culture that is inclusive of people with disabilities. 

OOD’s Worksite Accessibility Specialist can help you identify possible accommodations and accessibility solutions to create a productive work environment for all your employees.




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OOD’s Disability Etiquette Webinar offers information on disability etiquette, proper language usage, and practical examples for how to have respectful interactions with people with disabilities, featuring first-hand accounts from people with disabilities. 


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Words matter. Check out 10 Tips for Effective Communication with People with Disabilities to learn more. 

Follow Four Simple Disability Etiquette Rules

Each year, OOD recognizes Ohio businesses with the Employer Partners of Inclusion Awards to honor their commitment to establishing and growing a culture of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.