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Recruiting, Hiring, and Supporting Employees

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Recruiting, Hiring, and Supporting Employees

People with disabilities are the largest minority group in the United States today. In fact, it’s estimated that one in five job applicants or employees have a disability. 
Recruitment efforts that are inclusive of people with disabilities give employers access to a greater pool of talent, skills, and innovative thinking in its candidates. Investing in an inclusive workforce gives employers a competitive edge. Reports show that employers who hire and support employees with disabilities experience higher revenues and greater profit margins.

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OOD Business Relations Specialists can help your business find qualified candidates with disabilities through direct sourcing and hiring events. They can also help you hire college students with disabilities for internships or recruitment of recent graduates for your positions through our Ohio College2Careers Program


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OOD’s Inclusive Hiring: Applicants with Disabilities Webinar shares practical advice for creating a hiring process that is accessible and inclusive of candidates with disabilities.  

OOD’s Supporting Employees with Disabilities During COVID-19 Webinar offers various communication best practices and tips on remote job coaching to support employees during the pandemic. 

Employment provider agencies provide job development and job coaching services to assist job seekers and employees with disabilities in finding and retaining employment. Learn more about these services and professionals who provide them from OOD’s Job Developers and Job Coaches in the Workplace Webinar.

OOD’s Supervisors and Title I of the ADA Webinar equips supervisors with the strategies they need to feel comfortable managing employees with disabilities. 





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If you have an employee with a disability who may benefit from OOD services, reach out to your OOD Business Relations Specialist for guidance. The employee can also apply through our online portal at www.OODWorks.com. Once they are eligible, they are paired with a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor who can identify what is needed through customized assessments and individualized meetings. 

Check out OOD’s Candidate Sourcing to learn how OOD’s Business Relations Specialists can link your business to a talent pool of qualified candidates with disabilities.

Interested in learning how many candidates with disabilities are looking for work in your county? Check out our Job Ready Status Map.

OOD has guides to help you ensure communications are successful with employees who are Blind/Low Vision, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, or have an Intellectual Disability

Check out OOD’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guide to learn common myths and facts about working with deaf employees and helpful tips for using a sign language interpreter.

OOD’s Service Animals in the Workplace Guide offers helpful tips, etiquette, reasonable accommodation considerations and addressing what to do if other employees have allergies. 

Remote Job Coaching is a strategy that gives employers an innovative way to meet their hiring and onboarding needs. 

This helpful Fact Sheet for Supervisors provides information about how to recognize a request for reasonable accommodation and how to respond to coworker questions about the accommodations they may notice in the workplace.