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Appendix Update to Rule

Hello Vocational Rehabilitation Providers:

You are receiving this email because you have been identified as someone who has an interest in the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities’ (OOD) administrative rules.

Governor DeWine has issued an Executive Order finding a new service for Ohioans with disabilities must be provided immediately: Setup for Technology Access Readiness Training (Start Up). The purpose of the Start Up service is to teach individuals to use technology (iPad, laptops, and/or computers) so that they can effectively participate remotely in OOD’s VR Fee Schedule services or other services approved and authorized by OOD.

OOD personnel have reviewed the appendix for Administrative Rule 3304-2-52, Least cost, use of comparable benefits, participants contribution, and fees for services. This change to the appendix provides computer set-up assistance to our participants.

The updated appendix to Rule 3304-2-52 may be found on OOD’s website at the following link:  Https://ood.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/ood/laws-rules-and-policies/laws-and-rules under the “Proposed Rules Changes” heading. The rule language remains the same, while the appendix has been updated to include the Start Up service.  OOD is opening and updating the rule for the purpose of adding the new Start Up service.  OOD intends to review and solicit input on the entirety of the rule and appendix later this calendar year.

As someone who might have an interest in the appendix to this rule, you are being asked to look over the proposed changes and provide any feedback you might have to the Common Sense Initiative.  CSI will receive public comment on the proposed change until June 18, 2021 at noon using the following email address:  csipubliccomments@governor.ohio.gov and copy OOD at ood.administrativerules@ood.ohio.gov.

Thank you for your willingness to review the proposed updates to the appendix of Rule 3304-2-52.  We appreciate your input.