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Aware Vendor Portal User Guide, Resources, and Tip of the Week

laptop and text says  Aware Vendor Portal User Guide helpful resources and the tip of the week

OOD is sharing the new Aware Vendor Portal User Guide as well as helpful resources and the tip of the week (below).

Aware Vendor Portal Resources  
•    The Introducing the Aware Vendor Portal training is available on-demand online for provider convenience to allow for pausing, rewinding, screenshotting, etc. to make it easy to learn at their own time and pace  
•    Questions regarding provider account access (e.g., login issues, etc.) can be routed to OOD.vendorportal@ood.ohio.gov   
•    Questions regarding rejected payments can be routed to AE2 or VR counselor/coordinator.  Questions regarding VR Fee Schedule service definitions can be routed to pcmu@ood.ohio.gov  Requests for authorizations or authorization amendments can be routed directly to the referring VR counselor/coordinator  
•    Bills that were previously submitted using the previous method of the fax queue/email that have been rejected, must be resubmitted after corrections by email to resubmitpayment@ood.ohio.gov   
•    Monthly job development reports are to be submitted to monthlyjdreports@ood.ohio.gov  
•    Providers may join weekly Aware Vendor Portal Question and Answer sessions via Microsoft Teams at 9:00 a.m. every Friday from October 1 through December 17.  Reasonable accommodations may be requested at least 10 days before the meeting date by writing to ginger.scaife@ood.ohio.gov   

Aware Vendor Portal Tip of the Week
When resubmitting a payment on the "Resubmit Payment Request" screen, make sure you select the files you want to upload and then click the “UPLOAD” button. If you do not click the upload button from that screen, your attachments will not be uploaded into the Aware Vendor Portal.  
Nearly all providers have been onboarded to the Aware Vendor Portal successfully!  The onboarding began with the Northeast providers on October 1, then the East Central providers on October 15, the Southeast providers on October 29, and the Southwest providers on November 12.  We are looking forward to the Northwest providers being onboarded on November 26.

Thank you.

•    Vendor-Portal_Provider_User-Guide.pdf