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Immediate Job Openings

Dear Providers,

We wanted to share with you that the OOD Division of Employer and Innovation Services (EIS) has created a new tool called the Urgent Jobs List to support OOD job seekers who are interested in obtaining employment with an essential business, like a supermarket, pharmacy, warehouse, or distribution center. Our Business Relations Specialists have been reaching out to those employers so that we can be a resource to help them meet their urgent hiring needs. This list is a compilation of several of those employers from across the state.

The list includes three categories: Retail Employers, Distribution Center/Warehouse Employers, and Other Employers. EIS is also in communication with other state workforce development agencies to identify new opportunities for inclusion on the Urgent Jobs List.

Many of the employers on the list have locations statewide. If there is only a single location or limited locations, that specific information is provided. Both OOD Employer Partners and non-Employer Partners are included on the list with the associated links to their career pages. Wherever possible, the link is directly to Ohio jobs.

The Urgent Jobs List will be updated weekly by EIS staff, and it will be published on the Information for Employers page of the OOD website.

For the foreseeable future, this Urgent Jobs List will replace the Job Now lists. The same Job and Candidate Sourcing process will be followed, meaning Job Developers will notify the Talent Sourcing Coordinators when an OOD candidate applies, and the Business Relations Specialist will notify the Employer Partner.

EIS designed this tool to be as simple and effective as possible for everyone to use, including Counselors, Talent Sourcing Coordinators, job developers, and OOD job seekers. In this challenging time, we all must work together collaboratively, which includes sharing and using new tools and resources, such as the Urgent Jobs List.

We are all in this together, and our commitment remains strong in providing the best possible services to our job seekers and Employer Partners.