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Introducing Start Up - A New Service for Ohioans with Disabilities

Hello VR Providers:

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) is pleased to announce a new service for Ohioans with disabilities: Setup for Technology Access Readiness Training (Start Up).  The purpose of the Start Up service is to teach individuals to use technology (iPad, laptops, and/or computers) so that they can effectively participate remotely in OOD’s VR Fee Schedule services or other services approved and authorized by OOD.  The service includes hardware (e.g., iPad, laptop) setup, registration of devices, installation and use of applications and/or programs required for remote services, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, etc.  Start Up was developed based on feedback from participants, providers, and OOD field staff, about the need for such a service.

This new service focuses on the following objectives:

  • Teaching individuals how to use the device(s) and access applications/programs required for remote services (e.g., how to login to a Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet);
  • Assisting participants in setting up a user account (Apple ID) and/or a professional email address, if necessary;
  • Teaching individuals how to connect to wireless options, e.g., Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, mobile data, or home internet;
  • Instructing individuals how to participate in a remote meeting including camera usage (including background pictures/views), mute/unmute function, closed captioning (CC), and appropriate remote etiquette, e.g., appropriate clothing, language, and behavior;
  • Discussing online safety (e.g., not sharing personal information, certain types of photos, Social Security numbers, etc.); and
  • A follow-up meeting generally at least five (5) days afterward.

Interested providers can begin by learning more about Start Up by viewing the Introducing Start Up informational video.

After watching the informational video and determining if you qualify for and would like to provide this service, providers may request this service within the Provider Management Program (PMP).  

This new service is another valuable way that providers can assist individuals with disabilities in finding and maintaining employment in our changing world.