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Support for Ohio Vocational Apprentice Program

Hello Vocational Rehabilitation Providers:

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) would like to make you aware of additional opportunities to partner together and support the Ohio Vocational Apprentice Program. Through this program, students and adults with disabilities who are eligible for OOD services gain valuable work experience, exposure, and access to state government employment through paid apprenticeships with state agencies. The goal of this program is for apprentices to secure permanent employment in state government upon completion of the apprenticeship.

Going forward, OOD may authorize for hourly (UOS) Non-permanent Job Development and hourly (UOS) On-The-Job Supports as a service for providers to support individuals in pursuing these apprentice opportunities.  This service may include supporting individuals with any of the following activities:

  • Completing the Ohio Civil Service Application;
  • Resume preparation, review, and revision for these specific positions;
  • Interview preparation specific to the targeted apprenticeship; and
  • Staffing meetings as requested, which do occasionally occur with this initiative.

Non-permanent Job Development services can be authorized to individuals regardless of their receiving Performance Based (Tiered) Job Development.  In most cases, individuals pursuing apprenticeships would not yet be in Performance Based (Tiered) Job Development, but there may be some instances in which individuals apply for and pursue an apprenticeship while pursuing employment opportunities.  If an individual ultimately receives a permanent position after an apprenticeship, a provider will only receive a Tier III placement if the individual had been previously moving through the Performance Based Job Development track and this employment goal matches the IPE.

On-The-Job Supports may be utilized once an individual has obtained a Non-permanent Placement to provide assistance such as instruction to learn job tasks; to develop natural and peer supports; and to adjust to the work environment to help the individual meet employer expectations and industry standards.

If you receive an authorization requesting support of individuals in this area and have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the referring counselor/coordinator.  Thank you for partnering together to support individuals with disabilities in this important initiative.