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Virtual/Remote Job Coaching Resources Tool & Updated Urgent Jobs List

Dear Providers,
Virtual/Remote Job Coaching Resources Tool

A new tool provides several options for providing provide virtual or remote job coaching for individuals with disabilities in the workplace. OOD is committed to providing innovative solutions to support participants, providers, and employers in the current environment. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and providers should work with their OOD VR Counselor to determine appropriate supports for each participant.
Updated Urgent Jobs List

The Division of Employer and Innovation Services has updated the Urgent Jobs List. Please visit the Information for Employers page of the OOD Website to download the new list. We will be updating this list every Wednesday by the end of the day, so please bookmark the link for future reference. This updated Urgent Jobs List contains a new section with Hospital/Health Care Employers from across the state who have urgent hiring needs for patient support, environmental services, housekeepers, dietary, and other positions. Please note: for the foreseeable future, this Urgent Jobs List will replace the Job Now lists. The same Job and Candidate Sourcing process will be followed, meaning Job Developers will notify the Talent Sourcing Coordinators when an OOD candidate applies, and the Business Relations Specialist will notify the Employer Partner.