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Become a VR Provider

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) provider for Opportunities for Ohioans (OOD). OOD partners with private and public providers to assist individuals with disabilities to obtain and maintain competitive integrated employment within the community. OOD purchases specific vocational rehabilitation services such as job placement, on-the-job supports, and work adjustment services, as defined in the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Fee Schedule (OAC 3304-2-52 Appendix). VR providers must also meet specific qualifications, as defined in OOD’s qualifications and standards for service providers and vendors rule (OAC 3304-2-53) and the VR Fee Schedule.

Providers who meet the requirements of both rules may apply to be a provider by logging into OOD’s Provider Management Program (PMP) and submitting an application. OOD will review the application and respond within 30 days from the date your application is received.

If you have questions about the vocational rehabilitation services that OOD purchases, have questions about the application process, or have specific issues with completing an application (include a screen shot with a description of the issue) please email crpvendor@ood.ohio.gov and a Program Specialist will contact you.

Provider Management Program (PMP)

If you provide services to other State agencies (e.g. Department of Developmental Disabilities) you may already have an assigned OH|ID account username and password.  If you already have an OH|ID account, you can advance to Step 2.

Step 1: OH|ID account creation.

Step 2: Login with your OH|ID username and password.

Step 3: If the “My DODD” tile does not appear at the top of the page under “My Apps” you will need to install it by selecting it from the list of available apps.  You will need to agree to the terms to continue with the installation.  Once installed, it will move to the top of the page under “My Apps” and you can select it to continue to the next screen.

Step 4: If you have a DODD account and need to set up an account for ODD you will need to select the last radio button to “Create an additional Profile.”  When asked who you are applying to be a provider for you will need to select the option that says, “I am associated with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities,” which is about halfway down the list.  Complete the account set up including the email verification with the five digit pin.  When your account has been successfully set up you will get a screen with a green box and a thumbs up.

You will need to sign out and back into refresh the screen.  It may take up to thirty (30) minutes for the screen to refresh.  When you login back in you will now see four radio buttons, the first will likely have your DODD login credentials.  You will need to select the second radio button “Continue with Another Existing Profile” and then select the option that lists OOD, your username, and Role: Provider.  You may then select the orange continue button at the bottom.

Step 5: You will be asked whether you are a “New” or “Existing” provider.  If this is the first time you have entered any information you will select “New.”  You can save your progress while filling out the application.  If you are logging into an open application, you will see a blue hyper link that says, “Please click here to navigate to your pending or in-process Application.” Select that option to continue entering in your information.

Step 6: You will be asked your provider type, there are five (5) types: Traditional, Vision Service, Waiver, Non-Accredited Provider, and Subcontractor.

Provider Type Must have the following credentials*: Can provide the following services:
Traditional Meets the qualification standards of OAC 3304-2-53 and the VR Fee Schedule. May provide the full range of job related (job development, on-the-job supports) and job readiness training services
Vision Meets the qualification standards of OAC 3304-2-53 and the VR Fee Schedule. May provide specific vision services such as Orientation & Mobility, Activities of Daily Living.
Waiver Is requesting a waiver of OAC 3304-2-53 but must meet all requirements of the VR Fee Schedule. May be approved for specific services based upon their application.
Non-Accredited No specific credentials required. May only provide services that do not require accreditation and/or certification, such as criminal background check, tutoring, etc.
Subcontractor No Specific credentials required. May only provide specific services based on the credentials of the organization that they are subcontracting under. OOD must approve the subcontracting relationship between providers.

Step 7: Complete the application screens.  There are small blue circles with question marks  throughout the application you may select one of them for additional information.  You may also navigate through the application by selecting the blue arrows  at the top of the screen.

Step 8: When you are done filling out your application you will select “Submit” on the “Summary” screen.  You will be given a four digit Ticket number as a reference to your application.  OOD will review and respond to your application within thirty (30) days.  If you do not receive a response you may email crpvendor@ood.ohio.gov to request an update.

If you have any issues with completing your application, please email a screen shot with a description of the issue to crpvendor@ood.ohio.gov and a Program Specialist will contact you.