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Provider Training
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Start Up - A New Service for Ohioans with Disabilities

Setup for Technology Access Readiness Training (Start Up) is to teach individuals to use technology (iPad, laptops, and/or computers) so that they can effectively participate remotely in OOD's VR Fee Schedule services or other services approved and authorized by OOD. View the  training video here: Start Up

New Provider Pre-Employment Transition Services Training

This training is the first step in becoming a provider for Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) for individuals age 14 to 21 with a documented disability and enrolled in school  Additional resources follow: 

hand on laptop  

Pre-Employment Transition Services Provider Training Video

Please watch this on-demand training video to learn how to become a Pre-ETS provider.


Pre-Employment Transition Services Billing Form

Pre-Employment Transition Services Billing Form

This is the billing form OOD’s providers use to invoice and document Pre-ETS services. 


Pre-ETS Subcategories Matrix  

Pre-ETS Subcategories Matrix

Use this document that summarizes service requirements for each Pre-ETS service and includes many resources to help build your Pre-ETS curriculums.

OOD Curriculum Proposal  

OOD Curriculum Proposal 12-09-19

Please sign and submit this required curriculum proposal document along with your proposed Pre-ETS curriculums to pcmu@ood.ohio.gov.



New Pre-Employment Transition Services Providers FY20  4-20-20

Here is a PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation that is explained in the Pre-ETS training video. 


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

Various silhoutettes of people  

Stereotypical hiring practices  

This video discusses the “not so obvious” biases developed from our beliefs and judgments. The video identifies some biases that may be perceived through a resume, social media, and interview process and encourages you to take a step further to assess these biases.

Students learn a powerful lesson about privilege  

Students Learn A Powerful Lesson About Privilege

This video discusses the importance of recognizing one’s privilege and using it to help advocate for others.

Microsoft's eLesson: Unconscious Bias  


Microsoft's eLesson: Unconscious Bias

A web-based course that will deepen an individual’s understanding of unconscious biases, how they influence behavior, and how they impact us all. It also describes numerous actions an individual can take to help counter bias in the work environment. This training video is offered at no cost, is accessible, and provides closed captioning. 

OOD Curriculum Proposal  

To further individually explore personal implicit biases, the Harvard's Project Implicit Test offers various tests to assess a person’s implicit social cognition (thoughts and feelings outside of conscious awareness and control).




This video discusses diversity in the workplace and in society and discusses challenging the concept of diversity vs. equity.



The Supplemental worksheet outlines practical actions to take to help further explore unconscious bias.



White Allergies? 

Matthew McConaughey sits down with Emmanuel Acho to have an uncomfortable conversation with a black man.



Implicit Bias 

This video discusses that all individuals have implicit bias and what we can do to change this belief system. 



VR Fee Schedule and Misc.

How to Use Careers.Ohio.gov

FFY2020 VR Fee Schedule Training (pptx)

Competitive Integrated Employment

VR Fee Schedule September Training (Accessible docx)

Job Developer Training When to Authorize & Pay Guide


Summer Youth 2021

2021 Summer Youth Direct Staff Training (Video)

2021 Summer Youth Direct Staff Training - Accessible (WORD)

2021 Summer Youth Direct Staff Training

Introducing New Summer Youth Reporting (Video)

2021 Summer Youth Site Collection List

Summer Youth Provider and Staff Training

Summer Youth Provider and Staff Training (WORD)

If you were unable to attend the Summer Youth 2021 training, please contact pcmu@ood.ohio.gov to access the training.